First Year Memories

First Year Memories are First Year of your baby’s photography!
Your child changes SO MUCH in the first year!
The adorable little smile. Then the little sad face.
Seems like it’s no time before they are raising up on their tummy.
And they get that first tooth. Before you know it, they sit up by themselves.
Then . . .

You Get the Picture!

First Year baby photography
First Year Memory – 3 – 6 – 9 and 12 months on panel

After playing with our own three children, and making lot’s of pictures, other parents told us they would love to have the same panels and photography that we had of our own children!


We photograph a session at 3 – 6 – 9 and 12 months, and put them on a mounted 12 inch by 12 inch panel! You will love it! Beautiful First Year baby photography with
First Year Memories!

And your first session is FREE!

And the other sessions are only $25 dollars. (If you choose to upgrade to an hour, it’s only $40)
And the Best Part?

The FYM (First Year Memories) Panel is FREE!

That’s right! Make it to all your sessions and viewings, and you not only get your panel free, but also a beautiful 8 x 10 portrait from the One Year session, absolutely FREE!

VIDEO? We Love Video!

We can provide high quality video at each session too! Check out our Family Video Story, which can be of your child, your family, children with grandparents, or anything you like. We can film some video at each First Year Memories session, and edit to a finished video after the 12 month session. Ask about pricing!

So make plans to give us a call before your baby reaches 3 months, and let’s do this!

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