Family Video Quiz

Welcome to the Family Story Video Quiz! It’s not hard. You don’t even have to study!

We love making heartwarming emotional family stories with video.

View the description page HERE. If you have not seen a sample, View one Here!

Mother and Child
Wonderful moments of a family video

Help us make a better Family Story Video for you by filing out this short quiz!

example: to remember these special times with the kids at this age, or my parents won’t be around forever, or . . .
example: If you liked to read, and your child likes to read, etc.
example: freckles, painted toenails, red hair, etc.
ex: help fold clothes, or help prepare the meal, etc.
example: the way they snuggle up to me in bed in the mornings, the way they greet me
example: fav place, fav room, etc.
example: places you don’t want in the film.
example: fav things like clock, blanket, books, furniture, etc

There is a $200 retainer fee, which is paid at time of booking, and applies to your balance . You can book with a phone call, or whatever works best for you!
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