Family Video

We would love to create a Family Story – A beautiful video story – for you!

Family Story – A beautiful video story

A  video snapshot of a moment in time.  Sweet family moments, beautifully filmed and edited.  We add music, and it’s  a breathtaking memory. Like the title says: the Family Story is A beautiful video story. 

A family video is a family moment or activities frozen in time. Beautifully.

Oakwood Studio Family Story
Oakwood Studio Family Story

I capture your favorite moments in video, and I learn them from the information in the quiz you fill out at the link below.

Any moment can be a family story . . . including:

  • Family Time
  • Birthday, special day, etc.
  • Day in the life (of a child, couple, family, etc)
  • Special time with parents, grandparents or loved one telling stories about the “good old days”.
  • What is YOUR special moments?

Family Stories are available at a very special price of $599 for a limited time!

Let’s schedule yours,  before the memory gets  away.


  1. When you call, we set up a planning session, (It can be a phone call).
  2. During the planning session, we determine what your film will be about, your likes and dislikes, and what you want to focus on (Please fill out the quiz) Your deposit is due ( $200).
  3. We come to your location and film on the date you have decided. 
  4. We show you your edited film! We love to show it in person! It is also available in a private online link. You tell us if any changes are needed. $200 due.
  5. When you are happy with the edit, you can pick up your final edit of the film, and your balance of $199 is due. 

Interested in a Family Video?  Please fill out this quiz! 

Call 270-753-7050   or   EMAIL US!