Senior Spokesmodel Application

Senior Spokesmodel Application – Fill it out! Have fun!

We’re so glad you are here. We need early subjects to work with every year for new ideas, poses and backgrounds. backgrounds. What do you get for being a Senior Spokesmodel?

Senior Spokesmodel Application

We’re glad you asked! Lot’s of COOL stuff!


  • Complimentary Sessions! You get an early session, and a regular session, plus a BONUS session. No charge. Will you pick Nashville? or Kentucky Lake?
  • Complimentary Senior Video. A cooler Senior video.
  • Complimentary digital images. That we hope you will share.
  • Some even get CASH bonuses!
  • Apply Now! Limited spaces. Not everyone will be chosen.
  • Purchase is required if you Love your images. Must have parents approval.
  • Fill out the Senior Spokesmodel Application to get started.
Which school do you attend? What year do you graduate?
Example: Cheerleader, Ball player, etc.
Example: Movies, sports, etc.
Example: Girly, Trendy, Grunge, Outdoors . . . etc
Have any ideas for an awesome senior picture?
Anything additional you want to say?