Family Story – A beautiful video story.

A  video snapshot of a moment in time.  Sweet family moments, beautifully filmed and edited.  We add music, and it’s  a breathtaking memory.

A family video is a family moment or activities frozen in time. Beautifully.

Oakwood Studio Family Story
Oakwood Studio Family Story

I capture your favorite moments in video, and I learn them from the information below.

Any moment can be a family story . . . including:

  • Family Time
  • Birthday, special day, etc.
  • Day in the life (of a child, couple, family, etc)
  • Special time with parents, grandparents.
  • What is YOUR special moments?

Family Stories are available at a very special introductory price for a limited time!

Let’s schedule yours,  before the memory gets  away.

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Fill out this form to help us with YOUR FAMILY STORY. 

example: to remember these special times with the kids at this age, or my parents won't be around forever, or . . .
example: If you liked to read, and your child likes to read, etc.
example: freckles, painted toenails, red hair, etc.
ex: help fold clothes, or help prepare the meal, etc.
example: the way they snuggle up to me in bed in the mornings, the way they greet me
example: fav place, fav room, etc.
example: places you don't want in the film.
example: fav things like clock, blanket, books, furniture, etc