Wedding Films

Wedding Films by The Bella Wedding and Oakwood Studio.

Oakwood Studio
The Bella Wedding

When the brides mother viewed our wedding images, she said  “Bella”.  Turns out she was Italian, and we found out it meant “beautiful”.  (She also said a whole bunch of other words we didn’t understand)

And, when the tears came to her eyes, we decided that was a pretty powerful emotion.  We chose The Bella Wedding as our wedding brand. And Wedding Films.

That was several years ago, but, we still get those same reactions to our wedding images. And, now our wedding films.

Kentucky Wedding Films Videos by The Bella Wedding
Ken Andrus Video Creator and Photographer

Madison and Jeremy

Madison and Jeremy, a very sweet couple, got a great bunch of people together for their wedding at Southern Springs Events, near Cadiz Ky.

Kayla and Wes

Kayla and Wes had a great sense of humor, which led us to do many funny scenes in their video. Plus, they got to leave in a totally cool car!


Callie and Andrew

Callie and Andrew’s amazing wedding was down on the lake, and very special to me. I have watched Callie and her sister grow up, and I was delighted to be asked to be a part of the wedding. Wedding was at Kenlake Ky.