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The Bella Wedding is looking for Brides!

Meet Ken . . . We will not only get beautiful photography,  we will make the experience wonderful as well.

Oakwood Studio Wedding
Ken at wedding

Kentucky Wedding Photography by The Bella Wedding and Oakwood Studio.

Oakwood Studio
The Bella Wedding

When the brides mother viewed our wedding images, there was one thing we always heard them say. “Beautiful”!  One of the mothers was Italian, and when she saw the pictures, she said “Bella”.  (And a whole bunch of other words we didn’t understand)

But, the way tears came to her eyes, we decided that was a pretty powerful emotion.  We chose The Bella Wedding as our wedding brand.

That was several years ago, but, we still get those same reactions to our wedding images.

I am excited for you as you plan your new life together! And, thank you for inviting me into this special moment in your lives.

My main goal is to help you make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible, and create the wedding images you always dreamed of.   I love to learn about your vision  for your wedding day, and how I can help make it come true!

Free engagement session with all wedding packages with The Bella Wedding.

Just ask some of our brides!

I want your time with me to be a memorable and part of your love story! Everyone’s story is different.  We will capture your wedding in your favorite style, and watch your love story unfold. Your  story is unique, and I can’t wait to help you tell it!

The engagement session is where I get to know you better! I will learn your likes and dislikes, and tell your story with photographs that fit your personality.

oakwood studio - the Bella Wedding
Fun at the engagement session

Firstly, I try to be invisible during the ceremony, so that the spotlight is on you!  Secondly, during the portrait sessions, I will take charge, and get it done quickly!  That way, photography doesn’t hold up your wedding day.

Ky Lake Bride and groom
Sailor with bride

That’s where EXPERIENCE comes in. In my many years of photographing weddings, I have learned to “adapt to the situation”.  After all, Experience helps,  when the groomsmen are running late, or the flower girl is getting upset.

(I am very good with children, I am told!  (My wife, Karen, says I never have quite grown up! haha)

All in all, I just want to make your day WONDERFUL! And I will try to do whatever it takes to make sure things go smoothly.

Please check out our wonderful wedding films too!