Ken Andrus is Photographer and Video Creator for Oakwood Studio and The Bella Wedding.

Oakwood Studio and The Bella Wedding
Photographer Video Ken Andrus

Oakwood Studio was started by Ken and Karen about 20 years ago, starting with children and family photography.  Ken photographs and Karen edits and presents the work.
He also writes scripts for movies, and enjoys Filmmaking.   Ken has filmed 2 films, and written 6 screenplays. He does this thru Ky Filmworks.
     A songwriter, Ken also writes and records his original music  at his recording studio, Stoney Brook Records,  where he records bands and singers, and works on movie soundtracks.  He releases his music thru Music Makes Pictures
Karen loves animals and they have had many different kinds, including horses, dogs, fish, a racoon, a ferret, and different birds.  Her bird Chewy, an African Grey Parrot, talks all the time and has a huge vocabulary.

They both love spending time with 3 kids and 2 grand babies!